Wealth Planning

It's about lasting partnerships

We believe in building lasting partnerships with our clients – partnerships which often span multiple generations and in which we play more than just a singular role. Often, we are the first phone call our clients make in an effort to seek out expert advice in a variety of situations because wealth planning is really life planning that evolves over time.

There are many different interpretations of “wealth planning” which can lead to confusion. At Punch, our wealth planning services are holistic, in the truest sense of the term. We play the role of an outsourced family office to reduce the complexity and stress which naturally accompany financial planning.

We provide organization and simplification. There are many moving parts in your financial life: philanthropy, investments, taxes, estate planning, to name a few. We wrap our heads around the various components of your financial picture and provide you with a clear and understandable view of your finances.

Where appropriate, we introduce trusted and qualified outside experts. Together, we coordinate communication among the third parties who also have assumed responsibilities for your interests including attorneys, accountants, non-profit organizations and others.

We hold relevant parties accountable to properly implement agreed upon solutions. We work with accountants and attorneys and other third parties to ensure that the various moving parts of your financial picture are all functioning smoothly.

Our clients enjoy a personal relationship with each member of our team.

We take pride in handling the details in a world of complex financial instruments, products, and jargon so you can feel confident to pursue your life interests, both personal and professional. Our clients are comforted knowing that a competent and well-connected team is handling the important details of their finances.

Our group is viewed as a trusted extension of our clients' families. We are partners in a variety of areas that go well beyond finances and investments and, as such, our clients are accustomed to having deeper and more meaningful conversations with each member of our firm.

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