Bob Lynch

Head Trader

Years at Punch:


Years in the Industry:


Personal Interests:
  • Wake Surfing
  • Jet Skiing
  • Snowboarding

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The stock market called to Bob at a very young age, which is probably why he hightailed it to an internship at Punch during his collegiate years at the University of St. Thomas, where Bob graduated with a BA in Financial Management. There was something about the breakneck pace of trading and steep learning curve of investing that drew him in and never let go.

Now a full-time head trader, Bob spends the majority of his time monitoring the market and putting cash to work for clients. While many of his professional peers get caught up in the chaos of the trading environment, Bob opts for a cool, calm, and collected approach so he can exert his energies on the small details that can make or break a trade. As a result, clients put their cash in his capable hands with trust and assurance.

Bob is currently studying for level two of the chartered financial analyst exam. Once summer comes around, he’ll spend all that newfound spare time with his one true love: Lake Minnetonka. He enjoys doing any outdoor sport that involves a board and tinkering with cars and motors when he’s not on the water.