Andy Matysik

Managing Partner

Years at Punch:


Years in the Industry:


Personal Interests:
  • Drumming
  • Skiing
  • Golf
  • Hockey

Andy wears several hats at Punch & Associates. As “the face” of the firm, Andy enjoys engaging with clients. He is intently focused on the client’s overall experience. Andy believes that earning someone’s trust is one of life’s most rewarding pleasures. Prior to helping start Punch and Associates in 2002, Andy was a Financial Advisor with Merrill Lynch.

While the firm isn’t hung up on titles, Andy also performs many of the duties required of a Chief Operating Officer for the firm. Andy is involved in the research process at Punch and Associates so that he can provide more than a cursory overview of the thinking behind specific investment decisions made in each strategy. Andy is a genuine “people person” and problem solver who will tackle complex issues and see them through to completion.

If you take a walk with Andy, don’t expect to get anywhere quickly. As a native of Edina, Minnesota, and a Badger, you can’t swing a dead cat in the area of the office without hitting a good friend of Andy’s. Andy earned his BBA degree in Finance, Investments, and Banking from the University of Wisconsin—Madison. Having bought the home he grew up in, Andy currently resides in Edina with his wife, Jennifer, and four children.