Is Your Family Prepared for The Great Wealth Transfer?

Recently a member of Punch & Associates’ Wealth Strategies Group, attended the Institute for Preparing Heirs’ hallmark program for trusted family advisors. This multiple-day program focused on helping families prepare for a successful transition of wealth that includes not only the assets but also family values and unity. As wealth transfer becomes a reality for many families, they need more from their trusted advisors beyond managing money or creating estate plans. Clients want us to work with their entire family, and they want us to educate their children and grandchildren.

By completing the Institute’s program, Punch’s Wealth Strategies Group can offer your family tools and resources to prepare your heirs. One of the single biggest challenges facing affluent families today is ensuring that the heirs remain in control of the assets and family unity after the estate transfer. Estate planning is more than just preparing the assets for heirs, it’s just as important to prepare the heirs to receive and manage assets.

Through generational wealth transfer planning, families become aware of:

If you would like to learn more about how these tools and resources can benefit your family or you would be interested in attending a briefing on the topic of Your Estate Plan Is Set, But Is Your Family Prepared, give us a call.